Sunday, January 25, 2009

3D Modeller/Texture Artist, Longtail Studios, Quebec City

Longtail Studios, in Quebec City, is looking for a 3D Modeller/Texture Artist.
  • Model characters in high polygon, low polygon and in game resolutions.
  • Create textures maps
  • BA desired , 2 years experience in the videogame industry, and at least 1 shipped title.
  • Attention to high quality anatomical detail
  • Strong traditional art skills
  • Solid understanding of art fundamentals to include color theory, light, shade and form
  • Can work in a variety of styles.
  • Highly experienced in 3d max.
  • An understanding of computer graphic fundamentals and video game art production pipelines
  • An understanding of Photoshop and programs such as Zbrush or Mudbox
  • Experience in several aspects of videogame art production to include concept work, modeling, texturing, and shading.
  • Able to meet deliverables and drive your work to completion within specified timelines
  • An understanding of rigging and animation principles.
  • Great communication skills both written and verbal
  • Can work cross functionally in many areas without being constrained by your job function
  • A collaborative work ethic
  • Must currently be a resident of Canada
Please submit the following:
  • Cover letter
  • Current CV / Resume
  • Samples of your work that show your ability to create texture maps using Photoshop
  • Samples of your work that show the model wireframes associated with this same work
  • Samples of your 3D models at in game polygon resolutions (low poly) along with higher resolution models (high poly) created in Zbrush or Mudbox for normal mapping

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